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Title: Organization Act of Overseas Community Affairs Council, ROC (Taiwan) Ch
Date: 2011.11.14
Legislative: Amended Date: November 14, 2011


Article 1
The Executive Yuan shall establish Overseas Community Affairs Council, ROC (Taiwan) (hereinafter referred to as “OCAC”) to administer all affairs related to overseas Chinese.

Article 2
OCAC shall be in charge of the following matters:

1. Planning and handling of overseas Chinese educational development and economic activities; assistance and contact with overseas Chinese groups.

2. Handling all projects related to overseas Chinese groups and overseas   Chinese youth; provide counseling and liaison services.

3. Certification services and protection of rights for overseas Chinese.

4. Collecting and reporting information related to overseas Chinese affairs.

5. Handling of all cases related to overseas Chinese.

Article 3
OCAC shall have one Minister (political appointment); two Vice Ministers equivalent to senior grade 14.

Article 4
OCAC shall appoint 90 to 180 members for a three-year term without pay.

Article 5
OCAC shall have one Secretary-General at senior grade 12.

Article 6
If necessary, OCAC may dispatch its staff members and those of its subordinate agencies based on the Organization Act of Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Article 7
The ranks, grades and number of positions of OCAC staff are governed by a separate
Personnel Establishment Table.

Article 8
The date that this act enters into effect shall be announced by the Executive Yuan.