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Title: OCAC Directions for Hosting Taiwan Youth and Overseas Expatriate Bridging Program Subsidy Ch
Date: 2022.03.21
Legislative: 1.The whole 7 articles promulgated by OCAC order Qiao-Zong-Qi-Zi No.1110700293 on March 21, 2022, and effective immediately.
Content: I. Purpose: 
   The Overseas Community Affairs Council (hereinafter referred to 
   as the OCAC) has promulgated the directions for encouraging overseas 
   groups or individuals to participate in the Taiwan Youth and Overseas 
   Expatriate Bridging Program (hereinafter referred to as the Bridging 
   Program), which aims to increase Taiwanese youths’ understanding of 
   the government’s overseas community affairs, establish the connection 
   between overseas compatriot communities and them, broaden their 
   international vision, and enhance their international exchange 

II. Applicant Eligibility:
    Overseas Reception units (including groups and individuals) with 
    capabilities of guest reception, enthusiasm and experience in 
    organizing activities similar to the Bridging Program, must be 
    recommended by overseas representative offices of the ROC (Taiwan) 
    (hereinafter referred to as overseas offices) and be approved of 
    by the OCAC.

III. Subsidy items and amount:
    1. The expenditures of guest reception for OCAC-approved Taiwanese 
       youths participating in the Bridging Program during their visits
    2. The subsidy amount is subject to the OCAC’s annual budget plan 
       and be regulated in other relevant guidelines.

IV. Subsidy application:
    1. In accordance to relevant annual guidelines, when an applicant 
       applies for a subsidy, the Application Form and Proposal (as 
       shown in Attachments 1 and 2) should be submitted to overseas 
       offices. Subsidy application will be transferred to the OCAC 
       through overseas offices, and be approved of by the OCAC.
    2. When the same case applies for a subsidy to more than two agencies, 
       the content of all expenditure and the items and amount applied to 
       each agency for must be listed. In the case of misrepresentation 
       or falsehood, the OCAC can revoke the subsidy.

V. Disbursement verification:
    1. Disbursement procedures: the subsidy will be paid the whole amount 
       at once. A subsidized unit should submit the following documents 
       to overseas offices for disbursement verification within one month 
       of the day after the Bridging Program finished: Income and Expenditure 
       List for OCAC Public Funds Subsidizes for Groups and Individual (as 
       shown in Attachment 3), the original receipts of the expenditure of the 
       subsidy amount, Subsidy Implementation Form (as shown in Attachment 4), 
       Result Report (as shown in Attachment 5), and other documents required 
       by relevant annual guidelines. The submitted documents will be 
       transferred to the OCAC for the approval process through overseas offices. 
       If the submission is overdue for write off before the last day of the 
       fiscal year (December 31), the OCAC reserves the right to cancel the 
    2. Matters needing attention:
    A. When a subsidized unit handles disbursement verification, the use of 
       the expenditures and all total amounts must be listed. If the same case 
       receives subsidies from more than two agencies, the actual subsidy items 
       and amount received from each agency must be listed.
    B. If a subsidized unit encounters any of the following circumstances, 
       subsidy should be re-calculated according to the basis listed below:
    a. When the total expenditure of the activity is larger than or equal to 
       total income, the actual expenditure is 30% or more less than estimated 
       expenditure, and the OCAC subsidy totals USD5,000 or more (or EUR3,800, 
       JPY190,000, AUD4,800, or NTD150,000), the subsidy amount should be 
       re-calculated according to the originally approved subsidy proportion 
       (the approved subsidy amount as a proportion of originally estimated 
    b. When the total expenditure of the activity is smaller than total income, 
       the subsidy amount should be re-calculated according to the originally 
       approved subsidy proportion.
    C. A subsidized unit who encounters any of the following circumstances shall 
       be penalized. The OCAC has the right to impose subsidy revocation, subsidy 
       cancellation, subsidy deduction, returning of acquired or overpaid subsidies, 
       and up to 5 years’ rejection of future applications, depending on the gravity 
       of the situation.
    a. When overseas offices verify improper behavior on the part of the subsidized 
       units, such as violating local regulations or engaging in activities unrelated 
       to the purposes of the Bridging Program, and refusing to refrain from such acts, 
       they should report to the OCAC.
    b. If the OCAC finds out that the subsidy has been used for a purpose other than 
       the approved Application Form and Proposal, or results are poor, false, or 
       inflated reporting.
    c. Submitting documents that are confirmed by the OCAC to contain incorrect 
       information or involve copyright infringement.
    D. A subsidized unit should bear responsibility based on the principle of good 
       faith for the balance and the validity and authenticity of the payments that 
       were made in accordance with the expenditure receipts submitted, as well as 
       liability for any falsehoods.

VI. In case of major government policy changes or the legislature’s eliminating or 
    reducing of budgets that lead to difficulty in providing subsidies, the OCAC is 
    entitled to notify the subsidized units of the termination of subsidizing.

VII. Please refer to “Directions for Central Government Agencies subsidizing or 
     Donating to Civil Groups or Individuals” and relevant regulations and directions 
     for matters not included in the Directions.