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Title: Directions for Contacting and Assisting with Overseas Compatriot Schools Ch
Date: 2018.05.16
Legislative: 1.Promulgated by Order of OCAC No.09530098082 dated March 30, 2006.
2.Amended Direction 10 by Order of OCAC No.09530148891 dated May
19, 2006.
3.Amended by Order of OCAC No.10702012081 dated May 16, 2018.
Content: 1.The directions for establishing contacts with overseas compatriot
  schools and assisting overseas compatriots establish schools, 
  are drafted by the Overseas Community Affairs Council (hereunder
  abbreviated to“the OCAC”) in accordance with the spirit of 
  Subparagraph 2, Article 167 of the Constitution of the Republic 
  of China (hereunder abbreviated to“ROC”).

2.These Directions apply to overseas compatriots who, in accordance
  with the laws of the country in which they reside, set up schools
  or language classes overseas (hereunder abbreviated to“overseas 
  compatriot schools”), that adopt language instruction from Taiwan.

3.All overseas compatriot schools that recognize the government of
  ROC are required on establishment to submit to the OCAC an 
‘Overseas Compatriot Schools Information Form’ (as shown in 
  appendix), copies of the school charter, other related school 
  regulations, the principal’s resume and school curriculum etc. 
  through the overseas representative office of the ROC or Culture
  Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural office (hereunder abbreviated 
  to“The Culture Center”). This process should also be followed in 
  the event of future organization changes or a cessation of 

4.After overseas compatriot schools have submitted the aforementioned
  documents, based on their annual budget the OCAC undertakes to
  provide the following assistance:
(2)Budget subsidies.
(3)Teacher living allowances or teaching allowances in areas where 
   access to overseas compatriot teaching resources is difficult.
(4)On-the-job teacher training.
(5) Rewarding for senior serving principals and teachers.

5.When overseas compatriot schools apply to the OCAC for assistance, 
  they should submit the request through the overseas representative
  office of the ROC or the Culture Center.
  The OCAC asks the overseas representative office of the ROC or the
  Culture Center to contact overseas compatriot schools and report 
  on their operations, opinions on overseas compatriot education etc.
  as reference for its decision on whether to provide assistance.

6.The OCAC will provide textbooks to overseas compatriot schools 
  based on relevant Directions governing textbooks and budget 
  subsidies, the basic principle being that each student should 
  be provided with one set of Chinese language textbooks per 

7.Funding provided to overseas compatriot schools will be processed 
  in accordance with the OCAC’s rules on applications for textbooks 
  and budget subsidies, with the following scope for budget 
(1)Organizing educational and cultural activities.
(2)Constructing or renovating school buildings.
(3)Upgrading textbooks, tools and related equipment.
(4)Special situations related to running schools.

8.Teacher living allowances or teaching allowances in areas where 
  access to overseas compatriot teaching resources is difficult 
  will be provided in accordance with the OCAC’s Directions on 
  Funding Self-Employed Teachers or Overseas Compatriot Students 
  Returning to Teach at Overseas Compatriot Schools in Their Place 
  of Residence.

9.The Rewards for principals and teachers who have taught at 
  overseas compatriot schools for a fixed number of years will be 
  provided in accordance with Direction for Rewarding Overseas 
  Compatriot School Teachers by Overseas Community Affair Council.

10.An application for financial assistance by a school registered 
   in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s “Regulations 
   Regarding the Establishment and Assistance for Overseas Taiwan 
   Schools ” should first be submitted to the relevant competent 
   authority and the OCAC will consider providing cooperative 
   assistance when necessary.