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Title: OCAC Directions for Voluntary Service of Education Affairs Ch
Date: 2020.09.18
Legislative: 1.Promulgated under OCAC’s Administrative Order (86) Qiao Er Jiao Zi No. 860006490 on August 8, 1997.
2.Name and all 10 directions amended under OCAC’s Administrative Order Qiao Er She Zi No. 0913031651-7 on September 25, 2002.
3.Name and all 10 directions amended under OCAC’s Administrative Order Qiao Er Qi Zi No. 09830226103 on July 10, 2009; effective immediately.
4.Directions 1, 4 and 5 amended under OCAC’s Administrative Order Qiao Jiao She Zi No. 10702005801 on March 16, 2018; effective immediately.
5.Direction 5 amended under OCAC’s Administrative Order Qiao Jiao She Zi No. 10902017071 on September 18, 2020; effective immediately.
Content: 1.These directions are promulgated by the Overseas Community Affairs 
  Council (hereinafter referred to as “OCAC”) to support the 
  implementation of the Volunteer Service Act and expand the 
  participation of R.O.C. nationals in overseas compatriot education 
  service, thereby increasing exchange between domestic and overseas 
  compatriots, and passing on traditional culture.

2.The volunteer service exerciser of the overseas community education 
  volunteers (hereinafter referred to as “volunteers”) is the OCAC.

3.The volunteers referred to in these directions are people who are 
  sincerely willing to assist the OCAC in carrying out designated work 
  with their knowledge, physical ability, labor, experience, skills 
  and time and who are selected by the OCAC, and do not occupy OCAC’s 
  job vacancy, nor receive remuneration.

4.The services offered by the volunteers include the following:
(1)encouraging enthusiastic ROC nationals to take part in overseas 
   community education activities to expand the influence of national  
(2)promoting overseas Chinese language teaching to make use more 
(3)promoting overseas arts, folk customs, sports and other teaching 
   activities to pass on national culture
(4)assisting with overseas compatriot cultural and educational 
   activities to enhance their national cultural identity
(5)promoting Chinese language e-learning, and providing online 
   learning resources
(6)receiving overseas compatriot education groups from overseas, and 
   increasing exchange between domestic and overseas compatriots
(7)assisting with arranging textbooks and promoting Chinese language 

5.Volunteers must be dedicated and be enthusiastic about serving, 
  adhere to these directions and have one of the following 
(1)skilled in cultural and education work, or with experience in 
   teaching Chinese language courses
(2)interested in promoting traditional culture overseas and willing 
   to be dedicated

6.The OCAC shall carry out volunteer education and training 
  (including basic and special training) courses to enhance the 
  quality of voluntary service and thus to ensure the rights of 
  service recipients.

7.The OCAC shall grant volunteer service certificates and service 
  record books to its volunteers, after the volunteers complete the 
  education and training courses noted above.

8.The OCAC shall periodically evaluate the service performance of 
  individual volunteers, and shall terminate the service of volunteers 
  whose service is considered sub-standard or who are deemed unsuitable.

9.The OCAC shall list funds in the annual budget for the operations of 
  the overseas compatriot education voluntary service.

10.The OCAC shall effect accident insurance for volunteers and may 
   provide perquisites and transport, meals and special insurance 
   subsidies where necessary.