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Title: Directions of Overseas Compatriot Groups Registration Ch
Date: 2022.01.24
Legislative: 1.Promulgated by Order of OCAC No.09030028524 dated July 25, 2001.
2.Amended by Order of OCAC No.10701015171 dated April 2, 2018
(revised directions take into force from April 2,2018)
3.Directions 6 and 7 amended by Order of OCAC No. 1110100280 dated
January 24, 2022; effective immediately.
Content: 1.The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) sets these Directions 
  to enhance contact and interaction with overseas compatriot groups
  and handling of overseas compatriot group registration matters.

2.The OCAC can accept application for registration from any overseas 
  compatriot group that recognizes the government of the ROC and 
  supports national policy.

3.Applications for registration from an overseas compatriot group 
  should be passed to the OCAC for handling by an overseas 
  representative office of the ROC or overseas-based compatriot 
  affairs staff. 
  Applications in the previous paragraph should submit the following 
  documents in duplicate:
(1)Registration application form (appendix).
(2)Group charter.
(3)List of person in charge, staff and members.
  When the documents in the previous paragraph are not complete, 
  the OCAC shall notify the applicant to provide the required documents;
  if an applicant fails to do this after being notified, the application 
  will not be accepted.  

4.The OCAC should respect the legally-registered name of the overseas 
  compatriot group, charter, internal organization and way of doing 
  things in the country of residence and allow registration. However, 
  if the overall interests of the ROC are clearly violated or compatriot
  affairs policy is obstructed by a group, the OCAC can refuse to accept 
  an application.

5.If the name of an overseas compatriot group is the same or similar to 
  that of a group already registered, the OCAC can refuse to accept the 
  later application. 

6.If, after registration, an oversea compatriot group changes its 
  name, holds re-election, is restructured, relocated, dissolved 
  or the charter is altered, the matter should be reported to the 
  OCAC via the local representative office of the ROC or overseas-based 
  compatriot affairs staff and be put on file. 
  When the situation in Direction 4 and the previous direction applies 
  to the application in the previous paragraph or the situation in the 
  previous paragraph applies but no application is made, the OCAC 
  should request supplementation or application within a set period; 
  if supplementation or application are not provided within the set 
  time, the group registration can be revoked.

7.The OCAC can request the overseas representative offices of the 
  ROC or overseas-based compatriot affairs staff to contact and 
  provide guidance to an overseas compatriot group for registration 
  and filing, and to report its operating situation, its opinions 
  on compatriot affairs and other information to the OCAC on a regular 

8.When required for compatriot affairs policy promotion, the OCAC can 
  request a registered overseas compatriot group to assist with matters 
  relating to compatriot affairs work that does not involve the exercise 
  of public power.
  With regard to the funds required for the work in the previous paragraph, 
  the OCAC can provide grants in accordance with the Subsidy Directions for
  Overseas Compatriots Group.
  After an overseas compatriot group has registered, the previous paragraph
  will not apply if the overall interests of the ROC are clearly violated 
  or compatriot affairs policy is obstructed by the group.