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Title: Directions for OCAC Taiwan Youth and Overseas Expatriate Bridging Program Subsidy Ch
Date: 2022.01.21
Legislative: 1.The whole 11 articles promulgated by OCAC order Qiao-Min-Shi-Zi No. 1050104864 on January 11, 2017, and effective immediately.
2.Renamed Directions for OCAC Taiwan Youth and Overseas Expatriate Bridging Program Subsidy by OCAC order Qiao-Min-Shi-Zi No. 1060102721 on June 29, 2017, which also amended Article 9 and the attachments. Effective immediately.
3.All articles amended by OCAC order Qiao-Zong-Qi-Zi No. 1070700253 on March 6, 2018, and effective immediately.
4.All articles amended by OCAC order Qiao-Zong-Qi-Zi No. 10907007451 on May 14, 2020, and effective immediately.
5.Abolished by OCAC order Qiao-Zong-Qi-Zi No. 1110700079 on January 21, 2022, and effective immediately.
Content: I.The Overseas Community Affairs Council (hereinafter referred to
  as the OCAC) has promulgated the directions for the execution of 
  the Taiwan Youth and Overseas Expatriate Bridging Program 
  (hereinafter referred to as the Program), which selects Taiwanese 
  youth to visit and study overseas, enhances their international 
  exchange opportunities, establishes the connection between overseas 
  compatriot communities and them, broadens their international vision, 
  and increases their understanding of the government's overseas 
  compatriot work.

II.Recipients of subsidies include persons who are part of the 
   Program and who meet the following conditions (verification by 
   the OCAC is required): 
1.Taiwanese youth who meet the following conditions:
(1)Must hold ROC (Taiwan) nationality and be a registered student 
   in a university or college in Taiwan within the age limit as 
   stipulated in the Program prospectus of the same year.
(2)Must meet the English proficiency requirement as stipulated in 
   the Program prospectus of the same year.
(3)Must have not been sent overseas by the Program before.
2.Overseas reception units (including groups and individuals). 

III.Subsidy items:
1.Round trip economy flights to the city where training takes place 
  and visa fee for Taiwanese youth.
2.Payments for overseas reception units.
  Items, amounts, and quota of subsidies are subject to the OCAC's 
  annual budget plan, and details shall be stated in the Program 
  prospectus and related directions. Special approvals authorized 
  by the OCAC will not be affected.

IV.Details of the subsidies, including application and remittance, 
   and details of the Program, including the time, place, contents, 
   application, audition, and schedule, are subject to the OCAC's 
   annual budget plan and shall be stated in the Program prospectus 
   and related directions.

V.Application for and remittance of the subsidies:
1.To apply for subsidies on airfare and visa fee, Taiwanese youth 
  should follow the procedures stated in the Program prospectus of 
  the same year and submit the following documents: Group and 
  Individual Income and Expenditure Details for Applying for the 
  OCAC Public Funds (as shown in attachment 1), plane ticket stubs 
  or e-tickets, receipts of collection and payment from travel 
  agents or other proof of payment, round trip boarding pass stubs, 
  program reports, and other documents required by the Program 
  prospectus. Subsidies shall be remitted after applications are 
2.Subsidized Taiwanese youth who engage in the following acts shall 
  be penalized. The OCAC has the right to impose disqualification, 
  subsidy cancellation, subsidy deduction, returning of acquired or 
  overpaid subsidies, and up to 3 years' rejection of future 
  applications, depending on the gravity of the situation.
(1)Failing to fulfill the obligations stated in the Program 
   prospectus of the same year.
(2)Submitting documents that are confirmed by the OCAC to contain 
   incorrect information or involve copyright infringement.
(3)Being unable to fly overseas for no special reason and failing 
   to give the OCAC a written notice 15 days prior to the departure 
3.Overseas reception units applying for subsidies should fill in 
  and submit the Acknowledgement Receipt (as shown in attachment 2), 
  which will be transferred to the OCAC by overseas representative 
  offices of the ROC (Taiwan). Subsidies shall be remitted after 
  applications are approved.
4.When overseas representative offices of the ROC (Taiwan) verify 
  improper behavior on the part of the subsidized reception units, 
  such as violating local regulations or engaging in businesses 
  unrelated to the purposes of the Program and refusing to refrain
  from such acts, they shall report to the OCAC, which has the right 
  to impose disqualification, subsidy cancellation, subsidy deduction, 
  or returning of acquired or overpaid subsidies, and to reject future 
  reception applications from the misbehaving reception units for up 
  to 3 years, depending on the gravity of the situation.
5.The Subparagraphs 1 through 4 do not apply to special approvals 
  authorized by the OCAC.

VI.In case of major government policy changes or the legislatures' 
   eliminating or reducing of budgets that lead to difficulty in 
   providing subsidies, the OCAC is entitled to notify recipients 
   of the termination of subsidizing.

VII.Please refer to "Guidelines on Central Government Agencies 
    Funding or Donating to Private Groups or Individuals" and 
    related regulations and directions for matters not included 
    in the Directions.